Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Southern Moments from Nashville

I just spent a wonderful few days just south of Nashville, TN visiting family.

The south is filled with such charm that I had to share some wonderful moments with you that depict the southern charm that abounds all around you.

Leaving LA, bye beach!

Hello Nashville!!!
See how many trees!

The town of Franklin, TN is a quaint old town founded in 1799 and was the site of the the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War.  Downtown Franklin has such character I love strolling down the main street window shopping.  The house in the picture above is a wonderful old historic home built in the Folk Victorian style.  Isn't it beautiful?  The area has many historic homes and all are exciting to see.

First off Mom greeted me with her Famous Pot Roast.
This is the BEST dish.  You must make this if you love pot roast!

So on my last day there, my sister, suggested  that my mom and I go to a place she'd been to for breakfast., down the road.  "Down the road"...became 20 miles down the highway and out in the country to a little re-purposed Mercantile Store turned restaurant/bakery.  Enter Marcy Jo's.

My sweet Momma!

The place was cute, and the food homemade and delicious.  Oh, and they serve you a LOT of food!  Just take a gander at this breakfast special.  Fluffy, heavenly biscuits and gravy to DIE for, eggs, and bacon.  I had to walk the 20 miles back home just to walk off this indulgence!

One of the nicest parts?  The weather!  Wowee!  It was like Fall there.  Loved it, especially after the continual desert heat followed by monsoonal heat then desert heat again I left back in LA.
Look, fall colors are starting to appear!!!  So exciting!

So bye for now to my family that lives in such a quaint "Southern" town, and back home to LA.
Maybe I can bring some fall weather with me.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Beth - these photos are all breath-taking !!
    Your family lives in a very nice place, romantic area.....

    1. Thanks Winnie, it sure is fun to visit! Be sure to come by. The linky party is now open and I can't wait to see what you's always delicious!



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