Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Salad: Crispy Chicken, Apple, and Spinach Salad

 Everyone is talking about fall...

All over "blogland" I'm seeing posts for fall flavors.  Well I have to tell you, in Southern California it is. not. fall. by. any. means.  I want it to be...but when it's been 100+ degrees outside for a couple of weeks now I wouldn't say it isn't fall. Also, I'm not craving the hearty stews just yet.  But some relief was in sight.  The weather changed yesterday...about 15 degrees cooler. Phew!

So in honor of the "upcoming" fall, which will hit us mid to late in October, I've created a wonderful salad.  Still light, but has the flavors of fall.

That flavor being apples!  I love them, and if I can get them in a salad all the better!  On top of that we have some nice toasty walnuts, blue cheese, and a crispy chicken breast.

You will need to pan fry a chicken breast for this one. It really works with this salad, making it nice and crunchy, even a little warm.   If you don't want to take the time you can use leftover chicken chunks.  It will have a slightly different texture to the salad but it's all good!  

Hope you enjoy this...I'm trying to think of fall as I eat it!

I also wanted to share some wonderful pics I took of the 9/11 memorial that was set up down at Pepperdine University by Malibu California.  So wonderful it took our breathe away.  See for yourself.  There is a flag for every person, representing their country, so you may see some wonder flags from around the globe.


Crispy Chicken, Apple, and Spinach Salad

serves 4

4 boneless skinless chicken cutlets (thin sliced)
1/4 c flour 1 large egg, beaten 2/3 c Italian seasoned breadcrumbs 4 T canola oil
1 bunch of baby spinach, washed
1 apple, skin on, cored and sliced thin
1/3 c toasted walnuts
1/2 c bottled poppy seed dressing
1/3 c dried cranberries
1/3 c blue cheese crumbles

Place flour in a flat dish, as well as the beaten egg and breadcrumbs in separate dishes.  Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.  

Dredge the chicken cutlets in the flour.  Dip them in the egg, and then dredge them in the breadcrumbs. Place chicken in hot skillet and cook on each side 4 minutes or until done and golden brown.  Remove from pan and allow to rest for about 5 minutes.  Cut chicken into slices crosswise diagonally.

Divide spinach among 4 dinner plates.  Top with apple slices.  In a small bowl add walnuts, dressing, cranberries and cheese.  Mix together.  Top salads with chicken and drizzle with salad dressing.  Serve.

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