Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kitchen Tips and Guides

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner.

Are you starting to plan your menu yet?  I've been thinking about it.  Tossing around some new side dishes to thrown in with my standard ones.

Well, I found some great cooking guides on MyRecipes.com that I think every kitchen should have! It makes life easier.   I hope that you find these useful, especially with all the holiday cooking coming up.

First up is a guide to internal cooking temperatures for all types of meat, seafood, eggs, and even leftovers.  You name it, it's there.  A great resource.

MyRecipes.com Safe Internal Cooking Temperatures | MyRecipes.com

Next is a Holiday Turkey Timeline.  This has great tips from deciding how big a turkey to buy, how to thaw a frozen turkey, different methods of cooking, to testing that it's done.  It even has tips on how to store leftovers.  All we need now are some recipes for the leftovers!!

MyRecipes Holiday Turkey Timeline | MyRecipes.com

Lastly is one of my favorites, a cooking conversion chart.  I ALWAYS need to know how many tablespoons are in a 1/4 cup and can NEVER remember!  This guide has it all, and it's cute too!

MyRecipes Cooking Conversion Chart | MyRecipes.com

Happy planning!

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  1. I love love that table setting!
    Great Tips!
    Happy Planning.



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