Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Dishes

One of my favorites holidays is Easter.  I have such great childhood memories of coloring the Easter eggs with my mom.  Waking up early to find out that the Easter bunny had left me a basket full of goodies and the neighborhood Easter egg hunts that we would do over, and over, and over!

Then there was always the special Easter Dinner.  Usually a large dinner, on antique china, with a Turkey or Ham and all the fixings.  

Now that I'm older I love the whole Easter get together but since it's more often than not around my birthday, we change up how we celebrate each year.  Sometimes we stay home and have brunch or a mid-day dinner.  Sometimes we go out and celebrate by doing something outdoors, like visiting a local garden and having a nice lunch.

This year, we're going out...and I can't wait.  The weather is perfect, the flowers are all in bloom, and it's Easter!

So I thought I would bring you an array of dishes to make for Easter, if you are cooking!  Here are some of my favorites.


Dinner or Lunch


Have a Happy Easter!

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