Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Weekend & Descanso Gardens

We've had a whirlwind of activities the past few weekends. MGG had a birthday and we celebrated not one weekend but two!

The first weekend we celebrated with a fun and casual dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Wolf Creek.  It's a restaurant and a micro brewery.  We ran across it about a year ago and love the atmosphere, and the food.  It's decor is like being in a lodge in the Northwest.  The food is eclectic, treats from fish, mexican, steak, pasta...all with gourmet flair.  Oh, and it is DELISHHHHHH!

Here we are celebrating his big day!  It a dark and moody the pics are dark and moody too!

I had the Lime Chicken Tacos and Spicy this dish was spicy!  See how much food they give you?  Wow!

MGG had the Fire Grilled Mahi Mahi Burger and fries.  This was a new combo, and the flavor of chipotle mayo set it off!

If you get out to LA, make sure to stop at Wolf Creek up in Valencia, it is well worth the trip.  The food is awesome!

The following weekend we went to Descanso Gardens in LaCanada, Flintridge.  What a fun day!  All the cherry blossoms were in bloom...and the tulips, my favorite!


Japanese maple

Lilacs...the best smell ever!


Happy Birthday to my beloved MGG!
Make sure to go outside and enjoy nature!  It's just beautiful!

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