Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Magic of Disneyland

One of my favorite places, since I was a little girl, is Disneyland.

I can't fully express how it makes me feel.  The atmosphere is truly unlike anywhere else.  It really is "the happiest place on earth".

When I met MGG he had only been to Disneyland once before.  And, he didn't really like it...or he didn't "get" it.  So it took me many years of bargaining with him to get him to go with me.  But I finally got him to go during the Halloween season last year.  Let me tell you...the magic of Disneyland won him over.  He is in LOVE with the atmosphere, the happiness, the rides, food, and history of Disney.  I knew he would be!

Now he wants to go all the time...

So we were fortunate enough to go during the Christmas season.  I wanted him to see the park all decorated.  I love it at that time of year.  So I've been lax in posting this but, better late than never, I say!

One of the best things about this trip was that it was the spot where MGG proposed to me, under the castle.  So romantic!  It just made the whole day like a fairytale, and a wonderful memory to last a lifetime!

But, this is a food blog you know.  I would be remiss if I didn't talk a little about that.  The food at Disneyland has changed over the years.  They offer much more healthy options than just the fast food fare.  That's why we headed over there early to enjoy a healthy (not!) breakfast at the River Belle Cafe.  I love the mickey shaped pancakes.

And a mass production of pancakes.

And look at this mondo cinnamon roll.  While I was expressing my surprise that how large it was the girl next to me grabbed and and said...I think I'll share this!  Not me...I would have eaten that right up.

Here's my breakfast of potatoes, eggs, sausage, and a biscuit.  So delicious.

Here's MGGs breakfast, he wanted some of those tender pancakes!  I think I snuck a bite when he wasn't looking...and he did the same with my potatoes!

And the funniest food novelty we saw all day was this!  I want one of these.

Hope you get to go to Disneyland soon and experience the Magic for yourself!  Or, if you come to LA, make this one of your destinations, it is a wonderful place.  

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