Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Salisbury Steak in a Mushroom Gravy

Who doesn't love comfort food?

Sometimes comfort food is just what the doctor ordered...this dish is fits the bill. 

This is a recipe from way back.  My mom used to make this when I was growing up.  I also just learned that this was also a favorite of my Grandma and Grandpa's.  Mom has told me stories of them enjoying this dish so much that it makes me feel more comfort knowing they loved it so much.

It's pretty much all about the gravy.  The gravy is the BOMB!  So if you don't like mushrooms, leave them out, but make the gravy...you'll love me for it!
So here's an ode to Grandma and Grandpa Landon, and their love of Salisbury Steak in a Mushroom Gravy!

First, combine the ground sirloin, pepper, salt, and garlic.  Make patties, and place them in a heated skillet over medium high heat.  Cook about 4 minutes per side.

Remove from pan and keep warm.

Add butter to skillet and sliced mushrooms.  Saute 4 minutes until softened. 

Stir wine to the pan.  Cook 2 minutes. 

Stir beef broth and Wondra together.  Add to the skillet. 

Bring to a boil.  Cook for 5 minutes until reduced slightly and thickened.

Add patties back to the pan.  Add vinegar.  Cook for another 2 minutes.

Serve patties with mushrooms and sauce on top.

Oh boy!  Add a little mashed potatoes and some green beans...comfort galore!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for lovin' this dish...cause I love it too!

Salisbury Steak in a Mushroom Gravy
4 servings

1 pound ground sirloin
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 clover of garlic, minced
1 tablespoon butter
8 oz mushrooms, sliced
1/3 cup dry red wine
1 1/4 cups low-sodium beef broth
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour or Wondra
1 teaspoon red wine vinegar
Combine beef, pepper, salt, and garlic. Shape into 4 patties. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat. Add patties; cook 4 minutes on each side or until browned.  Remove from the pan and keep warm.
Melt butter in pan. Add mushrooms; sauté 4 minutes. Stir in wine cook 2 minutes. Combine broth and flour; add to pan, and bring to a boil. Cook 5 minutes or until thick. Add patties and vinegar to pan; cook 2 minutes.  Serve patties with mushrooms and sauce over them.

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  1. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa. This does sound good! I love me some salisbury steak. And I like that you use Wondra - that stuff is the best!

  2. Yup, comfort food is the best :) What more to look forward to than something that makes you happy after a long day/week, and makes you think of all those lovely times? :D

  3. YUM! I love all the mushrooms!



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