Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Product Review: Pumpkin Spice Scottish Shortbread

Lightly pumpkin spiced Scottish Shortbread are light and delicate cookies that will melt in your mouth, and the best part is that you can bake these at home in about 30 minutes!

Pumpkin Spice Scottish Shortbread

Today I wanted to share a product review for a mix that I found that is quite amazing.  This is not sponsored, just something good I would like to share with you.  

I came across a site called Scottish Shortbread a little while ago and found that owner of this site was selling mixes for her secret recipe for Scottish Shortbread.  Passed down for generations, she is now bringing this secret recipe in mix form to us!  Everyone knows, that shortbread is irresistible, but did you know it comes from Scotland?  Well, it sure does.  Now I've made shortbread before on my site but I was so intrigued by the thought of a secret ingredient recipe that hails directly from Scotland that I had to purchase a couple of mixes.  One of which was a limited time mix for Pumpkin Spice Scottish Shortbread, and the other a plain Scottish Shortbread.

I have to tell you that not only was this the easiest shortbread I've ever made (it's made in a food processor), but it certainly is one of the tastiest as well!  This was a great buy!  I highly suggest you try them out.

I had these cookies done in 30 minutes flat!  All you have to do is set out a stick of butter to soften.  Once that is done you just use the butter and the mix in a food processor to make a crumb like textured dough.  Then pull the dough together and form a log, cut and bake!  Simple as that.  This mix was filled with a sweet pumpkin spice blend and I have to say it is addicting!  You could even pat these into a disc and cut out heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day treats.  That would be soooo cute!

These cookies go perfectly with a steaming cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa.  They are great to serve at a luncheon, bridal shower, brunch, picnic, or a snack or dessert.  They are elegant, yet causal.  Perfect for any occasion and I can't stress enough how easy and quick they are to bake.  I hope you visit her site at Scottish Shortbread and give this product a try.  It's great to support small businesses like these, and we could all use a good cookie in our lives.


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