Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumn Dishes

Need some quick ideas for Halloween tomorrow?

Today's post is all about having some seasonal fun and enjoying the holiday.

Halloween if one of my favorite holidays, the costumes, the scary stories, eerie movies, and the fun of trick or treating!

These days there isn't any trick or treating....unless you call eating a form of treating!  We like to stay home all cozy and have a nice autumn meal.

Browse through some of my favorites and try a few!

A wonderful snack for the kiddies and the kiddies at heart!  Take some to work to share.

A hearty stew full of savory pumpkin flavor. Your family will love you!

A light salad full of autumn flavors!

a light dessert

Nice, warm and hearty!

and last but NOT LEAST

Great for dessert, or breakfast!

Have a Happy and "safe" Halloween!

1 comment:

  1. All of the recipes look good but that Pumpkin Layered Bread is amazing! :)



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