Monday, October 24, 2011

Monster Mash

It's almost Halloween Time!

I LOVE Halloween.  Ever since I was little I remember dressing up for Halloween.  Back in the day you had those old paper or plastic outfits with the plastic mask with the string that went around your head.  Yuk! Can you say suffocating?  Remember those?

Wow, have times changed.  I think my favorite costume was a gypsy.  I got to wear my mom's tiered skirt with a top that had elastic on the shoulders...and all the bangles that were my sisters.  So much fun!

It's a time where you can dress up anyway you want and it doesn't matter!  As I got older we started going down to Santa Monica Blvd. for Halloween.  They would have a parade of people dressed outrageously, closing off the street due to walk down the middle of it.  It's even on the news every year.  What an spectacle!

So since I love Halloween I saw this idea for a snack mix over on pinterest.  So I decided to go to my lab and create my own special "Monster Mash!"

It's a blend of sweet and salty snacks.  The snack are all fall colors, you will notice...keeping to the Halloween theme.  They make a great gift.  Take them to work, or display for your family to enjoy.  I made two jars full of the snacks, giving one to MGG for his staff to enjoy, and the other went to my crew at work.  I caught MGG eating out of his while he thought I wasn't looking...such a snacker!  I'd be surprised if his staff even saw any of this stuff.

See how cute?

Here's the ingredients I used.  Feel free to mix up your own batch using your favorite snacks.

Monster Mash

Mini Pretzel twists
Cheese Its
Honey Nut Cheerios
Candy Corn
Kettle Corn
Chocolate Teddy Grahams
Reece's Pieces

Just dump all the ingredients in the largest bowl you have and mix them together.  Spoon in to airtight jars.  I got these jars are walmart...they are perfect!
Tie with a cute color coordinated bow and you are set!

Hope you enjoy your Monster Mash!!!


  1. Nice, cute idea fast and simple....yea andi

  2. Love this idea! Looks like the perfect Halloween snack food!
    Thank you so much for linking it up to our Halloween party!



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