Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taco Salad

A "healthy new you" in 2012 brings out the salads in me.

I love a good salad.  I didn't used to.  To me salads never tasted as good when I made them...but they tasted excellent when someone else made them!  But salads lend you a creative outlet.  You can make so many variations and turn them in to something unique and delicious.

This particular salad is one that my friend Kayle taught me how to make a long time ago.   It's very forgiving, so you can change up the ingredients to utilize what you have on hand.  This is also a perfect salad for "pantry shopping" since you can use items your store.

So, I will give you the basis for my Taco Salad that I made, as well as some other options for substitutions.

Start with making some taco meat using my taco seasoning.

In a large bowl place a chopped head of cabbage.  TIP: using cabbage rather than lettuce, lends this salad great crunch, and allows you to keep the salad mixed together for several days and it won't get soggy!

Add, chopped tomato

Add chopped or shredded carrot

Then you can add slice jicima

Then add shredded cheese - I used both cheddar and monterey jack.

Add the taco meat

Stir all together

Place on individual salad plates and top with broken tortilla chips and Catalina dressing.


Other salad variations:

Pinto beans
Black beans
Kidney beans
Garbanzo beans
Red Bell Peppers
Pepper Jack cheese

Enjoy your salad, be creative, and eat well!

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