Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pineapple Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Don't put away the grill yet!

It's still summertime here.  It's 100 degrees...every day...so I would say that it's still grilling season! 

In Southern California we can pretty much grill all year round.  That's a great perk.  But during the summer months, grilled food just tastes so much better!  Maybe it's the fresh fruits and veggies, or maybe it's my imagination.  Either way, I like it!  I'm gonna keep grilling till the cows come home...hehe!...which may be a long time in LA!

So I got a great recipe for you that the whole family will love.  The main protein is pork tenderloin, you know the "other" white meat.  I like to think of it as the filet mignon of pork.  It is sooo tender.  It takes flavor very well either through a marinade or a rub.  A completely versatile meat the you can turn in to many, many, dishes of any international flavor....or just a wonderful American flavored home style dish!

This dish is Asian inspired.  The basting sauce has pineapple juice and some other great Asian flavors, that make a nice thick sauce.  Make sure to save some of the sauce for serving along side the pork!  Another great feature of this dish is the grilled pineapple.  Grilled fruit is fabulous!  If you haven't tried it, you just HAVE to!  Grilling brings out the sweetness in fruit, and gives it a nice smokey depth of flavor.  Brilliant as a side to the grilled Asian flavored pork!

I served this dish with a side of roasted baby white potatoes, laced with a little garlic and some grilled focaccia.  Another side dish that would be equally good are roasted sweet potatoes!  A nice rice would do well too.

(see the minced garlic in this sauce?....YUM!)

Any way you make this dish it's full of flavors that everyone will love.  So don't dawdle on this one!  Make it! Make it! Make it!  It deserves making...the sauce makes the dish, so don't forget it!

I'd love to hear how you like it, so come back and let me know. 
Enjoy your grilling!

Pineapple Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Serves 4

1 pork tenderloin, about 1 ½ lbs.
salt & pepper
6 slices of pineapple, from an 8 oz can, save 3 T juice
1 lime
2 T low-sugar orange marmalade
1 ½ T hoisin sauce
1 ½ T lite soy sauce
1 garlic clove, minced
½ t Dijon mustard
½ t ground ginger

Preheat grill medium heat.  Remove the silver skin from the tenderloin.  Season both sides with salt and pepper.

Zest 1 whole lime and squeeze juice from lime and place in a small saucepan along with the zest.  Add 3 T pineapple juice from the can to the saucepan, along with the marmalade, hoisin and soy sauces, garlic, Dijon, and ginger.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.  Boil 3-4 minutes or until slightly thickened.  Pour ½ of the mixture in a small bowl for serving.

Grill the pork, covered with the grill lid, 10 minutes on each side.  When you turn the meat the first time baste that side with some of the remaining pineapple mixture.  Turn the meat after another 10 minutes and baste again.  Cook for another 2-3 minutes and turn, and cook for a final 2-3 minutes, being careful not to let the marinade burn.  A thermometer inserted in a thick part of the meat should read 155 degrees.   Remove from grill and cover with foil, allow to stand 10 minutes.

While the meat rests, grill the pineapple slices 1 to 2 minutes on each side.   Slice the tenderloin against the grain in ½” thick slices.  Serve with grilled pineapple and drizzled with reserved pineapple sauce mixture.  

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  1. This looks so delicious. Great pictures.

  2. Ohh fantastic flavors!!! this is a winner :))
    Mary x

  3. This looks really great! I love the garlic in the sauce. I am a fan of grilling, but don't do it much, perhaps this recipe will make me get out there and fire up the grill.

    Thanks for joining Foodie Friends Friday and please come back on Sunday to vote!

    I am following you now!

  4. What does the "T" stand for?

    1. The capital 'T' stands for Tablespoon. the small t would be for teaspoon. happy cooking!

  5. These look fantastic! Thank you for site. Awesome recipe. Have a nice day!



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