Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jicama Melon Salad

This week I've been talking about a picnic that MGG and I went on last weekend to a beautiful beach.  I've posted the main dish of BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches and Creamy Ranch Slaw.

Well you can't have a picnic without a fruit salad.  Not just any ole' fruit salad.   A new, crunchy, marinated fruit salad.  The marinade is a combination of honey and lime, with some mint added in for extra special flavor.  

The original recipe, from Cuisine at Home, called for you to cut up all these melons.  But I took a short cut and took some help from the store by buying pre-cut melons in small containers.  You just mix them together, slice up some jicama for added crunch, and toss with the marinade.  Soooo easy!  The flavor is outstanding.
Not one bit of this was left!  Actually it was the first thing to go!

Another thing I would like to share with you are these containers.  These have to be my favorite containers.  They are called "working glasses" and are sold at Crate and Barrel.  You can find these here.  These are actually sturdy drinking glasses.  This size is the old fashioned size, and they also come in a tumbler size as well.  They hold 14 oz., and the best part?  They come with this fantastic lid, which turns this everyday glass into a "take along" container!  I said, a TAKE ALONG!!!  Can't you just see a smoothie for breakfast in this baby?  

As you can see I used them for individual servings of my Jicama Melon Salad. and they were just perfect.  Everything was sealed tight, stayed cold, and was easy to carry with the handy dandy lids!  What can be even better than this?  The price....they are super cheap!  About $1.95 for the glass and $.75 for the lid.  Woohoo!  I love great finds.  I bought several of each size and use them all the time.  I hope you like them and treat yourself to some new kitchenware.  You will treasure them too!

Oh, and enjoy this refreshing salad!!

Jicama Melon Salad
Adapted from Cuisine at Home Recipes

4 Servings

For Vinaigrette, Whisk Together:
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
2 T. honey
1/4 t. sea salt
1/8 t. freshly ground black pepper

Toss with Vinaigrette:
½ of a jicama, julienned
1 small container of cut cantaloupe, from the refrigerated section of the produce department
1 small container of cut honeydew melon
1 small container of cut watermelon

Garnish with:
2 T mint leaves, chopped

Whisk honey, salt, and pepper into a bowl of the fresh squeezed lime juice.

Toss jicama and chopped melons in vinaigrette; let sit 10 minutes.  Sprinkle with chopped mint leaves.  Pack in individual containers to take along, or place in a bowl. 

Note:  Pre-cut fruit may be found in the refrigerated section of the produce department.


  1. This looks perfectly refreshing for hot summer days, Beth!

  2. This looks so beautiful, colorful and tasty. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment and invite. I will be joining you tomorrow. I am also your newest follower. xo



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