Sunday, February 5, 2012

Turkey and Guacamole Wraps

So the other day I bought some Zumba DVDs.  Have you all heard of Zumba??
It's the newest craze in exercise classes in LA.  It's like a Latin dance class that gives you a super aerobic workout!

So my DVDs came the other day and I was so excited to start my new attempt at exercise that actually is fun to know the kind you want to stick with?  I have such hopes for Zumba...that it will be the ONE! 

You see, exercise tapes have come and gone around here...but please oh please this has got to be fun!  Everyone says it is...

So I popped it in my player and started up that Latin beat and learned several dance moves!  I was actually laughing trying to keep up with the fast moves...but at the same time I was having fun! Hooray!  

I think Zumba is going to be my ticket to aerobic heaven...or at least I tell my self it's heaven!  So out of breath and tired from my workout I find that I need to eat something light for dinner.  Plus I don't feel I have enough energy to cook...hehe!

So I dug some deli turkey out of the frig with a few extras and made myself this Turkey and Guacamole Wrap.  Wow, was this easy to put together and packed a spicy kick from the spicy guacamole that I used!  Simple, healthy, and it sure beats a plain 'ole sandwich.  It was the perfect meal after my tiring workout.  I think it may be a go-to quickie meal with my new routine.  Zumba!!  and a wrap!

Turkey and Guacamole Wraps

Serves 4

2 c baby spring mix lettuce
2 small tomatoes, seeded and diced
2 T low calorie Italian dressing
6 T. spicy guacamole
4 6 -8 inch flour tortillas
12 oz sliced turkey, deli or roasted

In a medium bowl toss lettuce and tomato with dressing.

On each of the 4 tortillas, spread 1 ½ tablespoons of guacamole over surface.  Add about 2-3 slices of deli sliced turkey, or about 3 oz of roasted turkey.  Add ¼ of the lettuce and tomato mixture.

To wrap:  Fold in the left and right side of the tortilla until the edges are about 1 inch apart.  Roll from the top down.  Cut in half and serve.


  1. This is a great looking wrap. Anything with guacamole is a go for me! Come visit. We have a great casserole today.

  2. These look delicious - in fact I think they are going to become lunch!
    Mary x

  3. Looks like a pretty good lunch wrap!



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