Friday, February 3, 2012

Pear Salad

I love this salad.  

It's a winter salad for me since I get to use fresh pears.  I soooo miss summer fruit, so I try and sneak all the winter fruit in my diet that I can.  Pears, apples, and oranges hit the spot.  

This is a healthy salad with some complex flavors.  The lightness of the pears compliment the bite of the herbed goat cheese.  The citrus touch with the salad dressing is refreshing.  I must say that this mix of dressing, orange juice and plain old bottled low calorie Italian dressing is the bomb!  I usually make a little more and keep the extra in frig to use all week long.  It's that good!  Trust me...

Why not treat yourself to a healthy salad this week.  Try this and let me know what you think!

Happy winter (with dreams of summer fruit!).

Pear Salad

Serves 4

½ c low calorie Italian dressing
½ c orange juice
6 cups mixed baby greens
¼ c sliced almonds, toasted
2 oz herb and garlic goat cheese, crumbled
2 medium Bartlett pears, diced

In a small bowl whisk together the Italian dressing and the orange juice. 

In a large salad bowl or platter add mixed baby greens, sliced almonds, goat cheese, and diced pears.  Toss together.

Whisk dressing one more time and drizzle over salad, tossing to coat.

adapted from Healthy Calendar Cooking

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