Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Best Finds from the Farmers' Market by Season

Here are the top picks of produce you should get from the Farmers' Market for each season.

The Best Finds from the Farmers Market by Season

Food from the Farmers' Market tastes sweet, crisp, and fresh!  There's no better way to get fresher fruits and vegetables than those that were picked just hours before the farmers' market opens.  Plus these items are local and usually travel less than produce you buy in the grocery stores.

The benefits from buying local produce are many.  

One is taste.  The fruit offered are farmers' markets is usually sweeter because tree ripening causes higher sugar content. 

Another is cost.  Let's face it, food costs have gone up...everywhere.  However, if you eat seasonally you will get items at their peak and in-season items usually cost less.  

Organic Produce.  Most stores have an organic section but it may not be all that robust.  Farmers' markets will typically have a mix of organic stalls and non-organic stalls.   You may find that it is cheaper to buy organic produce at a farmers market since you are buying direct, plus the variety may be more abundant.  

Produce Guide by Season

Listed below is a handy guide to the best items to buy from the farmers' market by season.  Keep this reference with you when you are planning your next trip and have recipes in mind for seasonal items.  Don't forget your bags and some cash!

Summer is filled with fresh produce so make sure to enjoy the abundance available now while it is at it's tastiest!

Recipe Inspiration for your Farmers' Market haul

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