Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ghoulish Halloween Treats

It's always fun to celebrate Halloween.

We've had some great parties at my house with Vampire Coffins, Witches Brew, and Jason hanging around amongst the fog and the dry ice patches everywhere.  Great times also calls for festive food.

A special punch is a must.  The rest, can be themed or not, but should be autumn inspired and easy on the preparation so you are spending time tricking or treating instead of cooking.

This year to get in the mood for Halloween we went to the Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns.  A huge display at Descanso Gardens of about 5,000 professionally carved pumpkins. Amazing work, amazing creativity!  We are in the mood now.
Take a look at some of my favorites.

Now, back to the food...
Here are some of my favorite ideas to serve this Halloween.

Monster Mash  - This is my all time favorite snack to make for Halloween.  Everybody loves this stuff!  The colors and the flavors all screammmm Halloween!

Sloppy Guiseppe's  - An Italian spin on a standard Sloppy Joe.  An easy dish to put together before trick or treating. AND, the kids love em'!!

Crescent Roll Mummy Dogs - who wouldn't love to bite into this little mummy?  Another easy dish that tastes sooo good.

Mom's Beef Stew - I'm actually making a batch of this right now!  Imagine that!  There is nothing more perfect that this hearty beefy vegetable soup on a chilly night.  I like to serve this in a hollowed out pumpkin used as a tureen.  Perfect!

Baby Acorns - These are so cute and totally remind me of fall.  Simple to put together and a great project to have the kids help make.  A wonderful little dessert or snack.

Chocolately Hot Chocolate - Let's not forget the best drink after a night of trick or treating. This hot cocoa will warm you up with it's creamy sinful flavor.

Make sure to have a safe and devilishly, ghoulish, and spooky Halloween!

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