Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Dinner Ideas

It's almost Christmas time!
(amazing tree huh?)

Have you planned your Christmas Dinner?  Well, if you are still looking for some easy main courses to serve I have a few for you.  I know that a lot of people cook a turkey or ham as their primary meat, but we tend to do something with "Beef".  For years, and years I made a Beef Tenderloin.  Love them, but not quite as much as I love steak.  It has a different texture when cooked, more like a roast, rather than a steak.  

So in recent years we've been mixing it up serving various cuts of steak as our main course.  You know what, it's wonderful, special, and EASY to do!

I've learned that you don't have to put on the biggest, best, spread just need good food, and good people.  And why not make it easy on yourself and treat yourself to something you love and don't eat very often.  Steak is it for us.  It's more of a special occasion dish since we don't eat it very often.  But, I love me some steak!

I've brought some of my favorite dishes, that are all relatively easy to prepare and present a wonderful dish for your holiday meal.

Hope these inspire you!

Braciole - A great dish for entertaining!  Tastes great and has a beautiful presentation.

Rosemary and Flat Iron Steak - succulent, tender beef with the flavors of the season.

Filet Mignon with Bearnaise Sauce - My favorite melts in your mouth and the sauce is divine!

Teriyaki London Broil - This will feed a crowd.  Tender and flavorful.  Perfect for a holiday.

Herb Rubbed Flank Steak - another of my favorites!  This is a wonderful cut of meat that will feed a large group or may be cut to size to feed a family.  Very easy to make and the taste is out of this world!

Have a wonderful Holiday and an exquisite dinner.  Remember, the holidays are about family and friends and not about lavishly perfect meals.  Entertaining is about hospitality, not fussy perfection!

Happy Holiday!

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