Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Dinner Menu


It's Halloween Time!

Are you planning anything for Halloween?  Do you still dress up and go out to parties, or do you host one of your own?

We typically go out on Halloween, sometimes dressing up to join in all the fun.  I remember many couple costumes such as Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Laurel and Hardy, Batman and Batgirl, and his favorite....Zorro and his dame.  This year we went to a Great Gatsby event down at a Malibu Mansion and go to dress up in roaring 20's attire.  So much fun.

Sometimes it's great to stay in, have some friends over for a cozy dinner, hand out candy, and watch scary movies!  

So I've planned a Halloween Dinner menu that you can pick and choose from whether you are taking the kids out trick or treating, or staying at home with the porch light off..!

All of these dishes are perfect for a cozy Autumn evening.  Below are the links to the recipes:

Apple Cider Iced Tea
Monster Mash
Cheesy Garlic Herb Bread
Pork and Pumpkin Stew 
Take Along S'mores

Happy Halloween!!! 

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