Saturday, July 27, 2013

Worth a Second Look: Taco Salad

Do you have any potlucks or parties that you need a dish for?

About a 1 1/2 years ago I posted my favorite Potluck dish...Taco Salad.  I think that this dish is worth a second look.  Last week my co-workers and I had a big potluck.  The theme was salads.  Each of us was to bring one of our favorite salads.  Hands down, I knew I would make this Taco Salad.

I actually got this recipe from a friend of my, way back when, who brought it to another potluck!  This is the perfect traveling salad.  Let me tell you, we had rice salads, green salads, chicken salads, bean salads, and my taco salad.  I do say that my travelled the best because of the use of cabbage instead of lettuce.  Lettuce tends to wilt and get soggy from the other ingredients and the dressing.  If you use cabbage, as in my salad, (and leave the dressing off) you can keep this salad all put together in the frig for several days without any problems!

This is a salad that you can alter on a whim.  By keeping the basis of the salad the same (cabbage, taco meat, tomatoes) you can vary the rest of the ingredients to suit your taste buds.  It is easy to make this salad for a crowd.  Use a whole head of cabbage and a 1lb of ground beef.  The rest of the ingredient and amounts are up to you!

Not only does this travel well and is the perfect potluck or party dish....but it tastes great too!

Hope you try's worth it!

With this particular salad I used:
taco meat
chopped tomatoes
sliced jicama
cheddar cheese
pinto beans
crushed tortilla chips
Catalina dressing

To check out the recipe and original post click here.

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