Thursday, July 11, 2013

La Costa Resort and Spa

With all that is going on in life you need to make some time for even a quick getaway.

That's just what we did, heading down to beautiful Carlsbad, CA to the La Costa Resort and Spa.  Noted as California's destination for Mind, Body + Sport.  A huge 400 acre resort with a golf course, tennis courts, multiple pools (as in 6), lush gardens, which all surround the Spanish Colonial styled resort.  Something to behold for sure!

We were so ready for some time away to refresh the mind.  Walking the grounds we found quite spots with hammocks to curl up in, small courtyards where you could sit and relax, and even an outdoor shopping area to buy to your hearts content.  

Being brilliant and in a rush to leave and relax....(I know, huh?) I didn't charge my camera, nor did I bring the charger.  And do you think my cell phone battery was charged by the time we got there?  Of course not...not my wonderful smartphone!  So needless to say the pics are far and few between.  But I got enough for memories, and to give you a flavor of the place.

The views were just beautiful. 

After exploring the resort we decided to unwind and have a nice lunch.  The restaurant, Bistro 65, overlooked the golf course.  A very serene experience.  

See the chef in the top window? 

The food while priced on the expensive side was wonderful.  The chef uses local, sustainable ingredients and seasons from the restaurants’ own herb garden wall.  A typical bistro menu included sandwiches, soups, salads, appetizers, and several nice entrees including some local fish to choose from.   We got a couple of sandwiches and some salad and fruit.  Nice, light, and refreshing!  Sorry, didn't get to snap a shot of the food.

After we walked around exploring the different sections.  Here is a wonderful fountain we found on the way to play tennis.  There were outdoor fire pits and fireplaces everywhere so you could sit in the evening and relax.

The rooms were very elegantly furnished.  There are quite of few buildings that have different housing.  Ours overlooked the lush gardens.  Oh, and don't forget about the enormous bathroom with the tub to die for!  Don't get me started on that tub!  It's gigantic, and there's heaven in that tub!

 Sorry, I had just bounced on the bed before I took this you do that?

On the way to dinner and some little nightlife that evening I spotted several bunny rabbits out in the garden.  Adorable!

We had a wonderful time there.  So much to do.  They have a Chopra Center where you can soothe your mind as well.  Several programs for kids, and all types of activities such as smore's nights around the fire pits and movies on the weekend under the stars.  

We were sad to go home.  We got to relax, but never enough right?   On the way home we went looking for a place for breakfast.  Found something online that had good rating and set off to find it.  Let me tell you, this was something out of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  A small side of a country type road diner....loaded with people!  

What a pleasant surprise Bobby's Hideaway Cafe was.  We had picked a winner!  Full of people, the diner was tidy, and had an array of breakfast items to choose from.  We both picked a egg/potato/toast plate.  Great tasting food, I must say.  I chose a biscuit with mine that was so light and fluffy, I could have eaten just biscuits!  

We will definitely be back to La Costa Resort and Spa and to Bobby's Hideaway Cafe for more....relaxation and good food.  What more could you ask for?

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