Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tropical Smoothie

How about a Tropical Smoothie?

So in my last post I showed you how to cut a pineapple.  Let's put that luscious pineapple to use!  Pineapple is a wonderful tropical fruit.  Combined with mangos, banana, and yogurt and I'm in smoothie heaven!

Simple to make, nutritious, and a great quick breakfast this smoothie will have you dreaming of trade winds, and luaus. 

Tropical Smoothie

1-2 servings

1/2 ripe mango, cut in chunks
4-5 spears of pineapple
1 6 oz container of lite vanilla yogurt
1/4 c milk
1/2 banana
1 cup of ice cubes

Place all ingredients in a blender.  Blend on high until smooth.  Serve.

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