Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How-To: Trussing a turkey

Ever want to know just how to tie up that bird?
Here you go! 

It's a great idea to obtain an evenly cooked turkey.  Let's take the mystery out of trussing.  Follow these easy instructions.

Trussing a turkey

Trussing, or tying, a turkey into a compact shape ensures it will cook evenly. After the turkey is roasted and the twine is removed, the turkey will still hold its shape for easier carving.

Trussing an Unstuffed Turkey

Step 1: Set the turkey breast side up. Cross the legs and loop a piece of kitchen twine over, around and under the crossed legs several times, tying securely.

Step 2: Tuck the first joint of each wing under the body of the bird.

Trussing a Stuffed Turkey
Just before roasting, fill the body and neck cavities loosely with dressing; do not overfill. Pass trussing pins through the skin on both sides of the body cavity. Starting at the topmost pin, lace a piece of kitchen twine back and forth as you would shoelaces. Pull it snug and tie it securely at the bottom. Pull the neck skin over the dressing and fasten it underneath with trussing pins or sturdy toothpicks. Truss the legs and tuck the wings under as directed for an unstuffed turkey at left.

article and pictures courtesy of Williams-Sonoma 

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