Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Avila Orange Smoothie

How about a glass of sunshine to start the week? 

Do you love farms?  I do, I do!  On a weekend getaway MGG and I were relaxing in San Luis Obispo and stopped by the Avila Valley Barn on our way home.  What a gem!!!  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

They have a wonderful farm stand that sells their produce.  You can take a hay ride and pick your own in season produce and they had the BEST fresh pressed apple cider I've ever had....!

One great item I'm featuring here is their honey...fresh from their honey bees.  It's sweet and delectable!

Let's make some sunshine in a glass!

Take your banana and break it in to chunks and place in the blender.

Add you yogurt.  I used a vanilla chai lite yogurt...yum!  You can use regular or vanilla yogurt if you wish. 

Now for the honey. ummmm...honey.....add that.

Add some orange juice.

Blend it up good, and voila!!!  Sunshine in a glass!!!  It's good too!

Avila Orange Smoothie

Serves 2


1 6 oz container vanilla chai flavored lite yogurt
1 medium banana
¼ cup orange juice
2 t Avila Valley Barn honey


Combine ingredients in a blender and mix until combined.  Serve in a tall glass with a straw.


  1. This sounds SO refreshing and delicious! Perfect summer treat : )

  2. This looks so refreshing and delicious.

    I want to invite you to join in our blog hop. This week's theme is Citrus and this would be a perfect recipe to link up. Please stop by and feel free to link up as many citrus recipes as you would like - both sweet and savory.




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