Friday, July 22, 2022

Summer Entertaining: How to Cut Watermelon Spears

Try this unique way to cut watermelon for all your summer entertaining!

How to Cut Watermelon Spears

If you're entertaining this summer I'm sure that watermelon will be on your menu.  Let's learn to cut this refreshing an hydrating watermelon in to long spears that are easy to handle and visually appealing.    This is an easy way for a crowd to grab and eat watermelon.  With the rind serveing as a handle to grab and eat from you have a cute presentation and less mess!

Cutting a watermelon this way is really easy.  Since this is a technique, I've linked a video to show you how to do it here:  How to cut a watermelon

What Ingredients do I need?

  • A personal sized watermelon works great but any size watermelon will do.

Kitchen Tips and Notes

  • Make sure to have a sharp large chef's knife so you can easily cut through the rind.
  • Some people like to cut off the 4 sides (just to remove the white rind) which will give you a more square shape to begin with.  This isn't necessary though.
  • Place watermelon spears in a large bowl with the rind sticking out for easy grabbing.

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How to Cut Watermelon Spears

1 personal sized watermelon

Cut your watermelon in half.  Lay one half of the watermelon cut side down on your board.  Make vertical slices 1 inch apart across the watermelon.  Turn the watermelon and cut more vertical 1 inch slices across the watermelon to give your cube-like spears.

(Refer to the video here.)

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