Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Best Grilled Corn Ever!

I have to share a secret recipe with you....I've been keeping it hidden and I just feel guilty about it cause this is the BEST grilled corn you will ever eat!  Seriously!

I'm eating up all the summer corn I can get because the season is almost over.  If you are like me you love corn, and there's nothing better than sweet summer corn grilled on the cob!  

I know that there is a holiday coming up, so if you have a craving to serve grilled corn at your Labor Day cookout then this is the recipe/method for you!  This is my go to method and it has everyone that tries it salivating for more.  It's that good.

So simple, yet the corn ends up roasted, but steamed, and buttery as heck.  To die for!

Make sure to make this before the corn is all gone....the end is near  :(


The Best Grilled Corn Ever

serves 6

6 ears of white or yellow corn on the cob, husks removed and cleaned
1/4 c butter
2 T chives chopped

Heat a gas or charcoal grill to medium.  Place corn on a piece of heavy duty foil, large enough to cover the corn in a package.  (2 pieces of regular foil maybe be used.)  In a small microwavable bowl place butter and melt on high 15-30 seconds until butter is melted.  Add the chives to the butter.

Brush butter over each ear of corn.  Pour any remaining butter over the corn.  Bring up the sides of the foil over to meet each other.  Make a tight 1/2 inch fold.  Keep folding down foil but allow some space for circulation.  Fold other sides to seal.  

Place packet on the grill over low heat.  Cover and cook 12-18 minutes, rotating and turning packet half way through. When ready to serve cut the foil and allow the steam to escape.  Serve.

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