Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Best of 2014

It's almost time to end the year, and time to reflect on some recipes that you thought were the most popular this past year.

Taking a look back on the recipes that you liked most provides memories of the occasion, or time of year. Food is a good way to reflect on past memories and they bring you comfort.

In addition, they also tell me what types of food you are drawn too.  From this compilation of recipes I see that most of you like no fuss meals.  Ones that are easy to fix, comforting, can be put together during the week.  I also see that you like some great weekend breakfasts, as do I!  I'll keep all of this in mind during the upcoming year.

So on to the top 10 countdown of all time favorite recipes for 2014...

Tuscan White Bean Soup - this was last year's New Year's Resolution dish.  A perfect way to start off the new year!

Chicken Brussels Sprouts, and Noodle Stir Fry - A wonderful stir fry using winter vegetables that comes together quickly for a weeknight meal.

Lynn's Chicken Pasta Salad - Perfect for a spring lunch or wonderful as a potluck dish.  A classic that's a winner!

Caribbean Chicken Salad - This has to be my favorite salad this year.  I'm in love with fruit and when you combine these together with chicken in a zesty salad you had me at "Caribbean".

Grandma Landon's Strawberry Cake - This cake has been a family favorite for so many years. Everyone knows about Grandma Landon's famous strawberry cake.  Can't beat the family heirloom recipes.

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Strips - Another quick weeknight meal that the kids will just love.   So tasty and now healthier since you bake the strips.

Mediterranean Beef Stew - A great slow cooker meal.  Just toss it together and go!

Szechwan Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry - Another fantastic stir fry that showcases spicy beef.  I love this dish, and so did you!

Oatmeal Brown Sugar Pancakes with Banana Walnut Syrup - Love my breakfast items....and this one will make and Sunday morning special.  Great combination of flavors.

Apple Cider Waffles with Cinnamon Honey Butter - Another breakfast item that stands out based upon the flavors.  Apple cider works so well in waffles and when you top if with Cinnamon Honey Butter...oh my!

Let's enjoy these dishes one more time, and get ready to make some new favorites in 2015!

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  1. Those waffles are making me want to buy a waffle maker. Love it!



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