Sunday, December 9, 2012

Product Review: Market Classics Harvest Vegetable Soup Mix

One of my favorite stores is Cost Plus World Market.  The treasures you can find at this store are unique and priced right.  I love to browse their kitchenware for unique serving dishes and baking items.

Another area I love to browse is their food section.  Mostly imported items, you can find so many good things here such as spices, sauces, and soups.

Today I've made Market Classics Harvest Vegetable Soup Mix.  They have a great variety of soup mixes, such as lentil, potato, tortellini, and tortilla.  Today I chose Harvest Vegetable.  All these choices and more, for only $3.99.  Great price!  The Harvest Vegetable comes with a blend of vegetables  pasta, and rice.  I added the cooked chicken, the broth and some onion.  What transpired was a nicely spiced chicken vegetable soup.  A blend of carrots, red bell peppers, corn and wonderful seasonings and herb.  This mix makes about 8 1-cup servings.  A good sized portion for about 4 people.  

This was easy enough to make during the week with leftover cooked chicken breasts.  Leftovers were not quite as soupy as the first day due to the rice and the pasta soaking up some of the liquid.  The addition of more chicken broth helped to fill the leftovers out without watering down the seasonings too much.

If you love soup, and want one that quick try this one or grab another flavor at  Cost Plus World Market.  You can find them on line or in the store.

It's always great to find an item that will help you out in a pinch with a good hearty meal.  These soups do just that.  I'm going back to choose some other flavors now...see you!

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