Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ranch Chicken

Who doesn't love dipping chicken strips into Ranch Dressing?

I think most kids do, and if truth be told adults too!  I myself love the flavor combo but sometimes I don't want to take the time to make chicken strips...I know lazy, especially on a weeknight or a busy weekend. They really are easy to make and there's no excuse, but I came up with a way to have the same flavor combo without all the prep work.

This is a fun, quick dinner that the family and the kiddos will love.  The taste is 'ranchilicious' and the chicken is soooo moist.  MGG helped me with this dish and to his credit he was "MMmnnnning" all through the meal! 

You just take chicken breasts, we used one super large one ( I'm not sure where these chickens are from they are really 'healthy' sized!) and I cut in to two thin but still medium sized breasts, and dipped them in ranch dressing ( no egg here) and panko.  Cook them in a skillet and serve.  Done, presto, chango!  A really quick and tasty meal in under 20 minutes.  As you can see I served this with a combination of yams, sweet potato, and pumpkin roasted vegetables.  YUM! (to see how to roast vegetables please see my post here.)

This was so flavorful that I think the next time I'll use Blue Cheese dressing for the tang.  Can't wait.  Hope you enjoy this quick and tasty dish.

Ranch Chicken

serves 2

2 medium sized boneless skinless chicken breasts
1/3 c ranch dressing
1/2 c panko crumbs
salt & pepper
2 T canola oil

Trim your chicken breasts of any unwanted fat or skin.  Place the ranch dressing in a dipping plate and the panko crumbs in another dipping plate.  Season the panko crumbs with salt & pepper to taste.

Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.  Dip the chicken breast into the dressing and then into the panko crumbs, pressing lightly to adhere.  Add chicken to the hot skillet.  Repeat with remaining chicken breast.

Cook on each side about 6 minutes, depending upon the thickness of the breasts.  Turning to cook another 5-6 minutes until done, and golden brown.  Serve and enjoy!

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