Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food Truck Phenomenon

What a unique idea my company had.

They decided to celebrate Heritage Day by bringing in a gang of "food trucks" that serve foods of different ethnicity!

How awesome is that?

So I don't know if you seen them, but Food Trucks are the hottest craze.  Ever seen Food Truck Wars on the Food Network Channel?  Well they are actually gourmet food trucks that tour around the city to different locations during the day, and people come and eat!  One of the trucks visiting us was on that exciting!  They also all gather in a certain spot and you can enjoy all of them at once!  So cool!

You can go online and track your favorite food truck around the city if you's such a new craze!

Everyone at work was soooo hyped up about this.  They wanted to try something at every truck!  We had a 2 day food truck binge.  You won't believe what's coming...

Day 1

Here are the Food Trucks:

LudoTruck's Guerrilla Fried Chicken
(Guerrilla Fried Chicken, biscuits and slaw)

The Poutine Truck (Canadian Comfort Dish with French Fries and Gravy)

 more trucks... 

Great Balls on Tires (Meat Balls done every which 

The Great American Grill Truck

Tapaboy Truck (Filipino Breakfast Truck - meat, fried rice and egg dishes)
Barbie's Q (Rolin BBQ joint e.g., pulled pork 
sandwiches, ribs)

And the Lobsta Truck!  (Everything Lobster)

Look at this crowd....

OMG I forgot about this one....The Sprinkles Cupcake Truck!!! Look at this line...

Now the food...the FOOD!  YUM...excellent...each and every one of them!!! Take a look.

These are the Canadian Poutine Fries with Gravy....My friend bought these and I sneaked a taste...YUM!

Incrediballs....(sure were)

Ciao Balla....excellent! I had these...I want!

LudoTruck's Guerrilla Fried Chicken
look at that crust!

And for dessert Sprinkles cupcakes!  They actually sold out first and had to turn people away.

Vanilla and Lemon

So that was just day 1....can you believe it!  We were in food truck heaven.  So much so that we all went online and found that most trucks gather on Friday nights on a street in Granada Hills, Chatsworth street.  It's like a food fest every Friday.  If you have a chance and are in the gotta go!

Heaven on wheels!

Happy Friday!

part 2 coming soon...

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