Monday, August 22, 2011

Fast & Fresh: Greek Pizza

Sometimes you just want an easy throw together meal.  

That was today for me...

So instead of calling out for a pizza I decided to make my own.  But hey, let's try a different style of pizza than my normal standby. 

Let's make a Greek Pizza!  Sounds good huh? 

Like a Gourmet pizza in a flash!

You'll love the tasty toppings on a ready-to-go dough or a pre-made crust.  Even make your own dough if you are so inclined.  But the ease of this is making it fast.  This uses the oven for only a short time, and having a tasty, satisfying meal ready when you are!

Many supermarket's sell ready to use pizza dough.  I got a whole wheat dough at "Henry's Market" (aka Sprouts) and I've seen them at Trader Joe's.  But a Boboli will do as well if you like.

So let's make a Greek Pizza!

First preheat your oven to whatever degree your dough package states.  Mine was 425 degrees.

Roll out your dough and shape it as desired.  Brush on some olive oil over the crust and bake it for 5 min.

Scatter thinly sliced, seeded Roma tomatoes all over the pizza.  Sprinkle with minced fresh Oregano, Mint leaves, and Garlic.  Make sure to leave about a 1/2' border around the pizza.

Add some Lemon zest, and crumbled Feta Cheese.  Drizzle with some more olive oil and bake until the crust is golden brown, about 10 min.


Fast & Fresh!

Greek Pizza

Using a pre-made dough.  Preheat oven as directed on package.  Roll out dough.  Brush with Olive Oil.  Bake 5 min.  Leaving 1/2" border around the pizza, scatter thinly sliced, seeded Roma Tomatoes on pizza.  Sprinkle with minced, fresh Oregano, Mint leaves, and Garlic.  Add Lemon zest, and crumbled Feta Cheese.  Drizzle with more olive oil.  Bake until crust is golden brown, approx. 10 min.

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  1. That looks just terrific. I cannot wait to try the recipe. Come over and visit us today. We have a terrific tomato pie.

  2. How pretty... looks delish! Now I'm craving pizza : )

  3. YUM! This pizza looks great!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Fusion Fridays! Come back next Friday to see my favorites and to link up again!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Happy Monday! I wanted to thank you for sharing this delicious recipe at Recipe Sharing Monday. The new party is now up and I'd love for you to link up again :)



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