Thursday, June 30, 2011

Smoky Coleslaw

Well hello there!

Is everyone getting in the American Spirit?  Ready to celebrate??

I love the 4th of July holiday.  LOVE IT!   Ever since I was a little girl I looked forward to our 4th of July celebration.  Memories of family, American spirit, parades, fireworks, great food, and homemade ice cream always come to mind.

Yep, that's me!  Nice decor huh?

So what's a BBQ, a picnic, or just a holiday without great side dishes????

So I bring to you a coleslaw...but not your everyday coleslaw...certainly not boring!
This will put some zip in your get-a-long!!

Coleslaw is generally eaten as a side dish along side BBQ or fried chicken.  It's also good along side of sandwiches.  It goes perfect with my BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches (click the title to view the recipe)!!

It's also great as an ingredient in sandwiches such as BBQ Pork, Hamburgers, or on Hot Dogs.  Experiment, it's fun!

So what's different about this coleslaw?  The's not your usual sweet mayo based dressing...this one is smoky and sweet together.  You have to try it!

First you make your dressing in a large bowl.

Add the coleslaw and stir to coat with the dressing.

Cover and refrigerate to meld the flavors!!!  Simple...but what a flavor punch this has.
Hope you enjoy it and your 4th of July!!

Smoky Coleslaw 

1/2 c apple cider vinegar
1 T brown sugar
2 t smoky chipotle paprika (or just smoky paprika)
1/4 t salt
1/4 t black pepper
1/3 c canola oil
1 16 oz bag of coleslaw mix

In a large bowl mix together the vinegar, sugar, paprika, salt & pepper.  Slowly drizzle in the canola oil while whisking.

Add coleslaw mix and toss well to coat. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for a least 2 hours to blend  all the flavors.

Source:  Adapted from Sandra Lee's Smoky-Sweet Slaw

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  1. Dear Beth,
    Thank you so much for visiting Concetta's Cafe this week and following! I'm following you now too!!
    Your kind words made my day!
    I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend - with these delicious recipes I am sure your family will be celebrating a very happy holiday!



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