Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Slice of Southern Strawberry Cloud

I have a confession....

I have strawberries up the wazoo!!  I bought a ton of fresh California strawberries last week and I think they must have multiplied in the refrigerator, cause now it seems they are peaking out of every nook and cranny. 

What to do?

Make lemonade!  Strawberry lemonade...yum! and I did...but they didn't go away....and then I tried the Strawberry Banana smoothie...and they were still lurking in there...

So now I've made up a dish I'm calling Slice of Southern Strawberry Cloud.  I know, I should just freeze my extra berries...but I'm obsessed.  Obsessed I tell you! 

This season is producing some BIG JUICY strawberries!  I LOVE THEM!

So, don't mind me but you may see another post or so on this luscious berry while I try and use up the never-ending stash...I swear they are multiplying in there!!!

This is an easy semi-homemade dish.  All you need is three ingredients
  1. Strawberries    (how did you guess?)
  2. Ice cream  (pick a good flavor!  I couldn't help myself and chose to make this twice each with a different flavor of ice cream.)
  3. Angle food cakes  (you can make your own or buy one...doesn't matter.  I found these little 4" discs of angel food cake at my local store and snatched those babies up pronto!)
Here is the assembly.  I sliced the angel food cake disc in half horizontally.  Placed the bottom of the cake on a serving plate.

Then I topped it with a couple of scoops of Cherry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  You know...the kind with the whole chuncks of real cherries in there?  Two fruits are better than one, I always say!

Then I added some sliced strawberries to the top of the ice cream.  Make sure to spill some over the looks purty!

Place the top of the cake on there at an angle, and voila! A Slice of Southern Strawberry Cloud.
Look at this baby!

Here is another version using a wonderful Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream...and a little whipped cream on top!  I know...I like to take it that extra decadent step sometimes...I'm bad like that!

See how yummy!!!  Want some?  Try this you'll like it!  MGG does...and keeps asking for more please!

What's your favorite use of strawberries? Tell me, tell me!

Here's some other strawberry sensations you may enjoy...(just click on the link!)


  1. Mmmmmm I'm a strawberry freak! Love em!! ♥

  2. Sometimes simple & easy are what make it best!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Have you thought of Strawberry Margarita's???

  4. I love strawberry shortcake on fresh biscuits with real whipped cream...mmm! I have a killer rich strawberry pie recipe on my blog that I made last Father's Day (we don't get our fresh berries until then around here).

  5. Hi there! Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog, Simply Red! I can't wait to look around yours. This dessert looks divine! I love, love, love strawberries! Some ways I like to use them are to make strawberry freezer jam, strawberry cream cheese bites, and strawberry cobbler(a little sweet)that my family loves!

  6. This sounds so yummy and looks so good, too! My favourite fast & easy way how to prepare strawberries is this one: I just puree them with fork, add whipping cream and icing sugar to taste, combine well and eat :) Pretty yummy, though I think your way is much yummier :D



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