Friday, May 13, 2011

Cool Things

I wanted to share something pretty cool with you...

Doesn't everyone love Williams-Sonoma??  I know I do.
They have great products, wonderful cooking demonstrations and technique classes...

and their recipes are AWESOME!

So Williams-Sonoma was kind enough to give me a little widget to share with you.  It's a Williams-Sonoma recipe of the day!

If you look to the right of this post right under my "About Me" section you will see it!  Each day they add a new recipe to the roll and you can scroll through them, backwards and forward drooling as you go.

Once you find one you like you just click on it and it will take you to that recipe so you can copy or print it out.

I've been eyeing the Cinnamon Sugar Pillows on there...might have to try that one!

It's that simple!

And it's all for you!!!

Isn't that cool???

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