Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Product Review: Market Classics Soup Mix - Cheese Tortellini

I've been working so hard...I mean soooo hard over the past few weeks, I think my job is trying to kill me!

Needless to say I haven't really been feelin' the cooking too much during the week.  I roll in the house around 7pm, and I'm pooped I tell you, pooped!

So it was a cold dreary day here last week ...(Hey, isn't this sunny LA?) so I needed some hearty sustenance...quick.

So a friend of mine had given me this soup to try.  On the label it says that it cooks in 30 min.
Good enough! Sold!  Dinner's on!!

Market Classics Soup Mix - in a Cheese Tortellini flavor.  Purchased at Cost Plus  You may know them as World Market, cause I've seen the store named differently in other states.  But here it's just plain ole Cost Plus.

This makes a lot of soup!  So I had enough leftovers for me and MGG to take to work...and then some! So be is really 8 servings!

This soup was actually good for a quick packaged soup.  The sodium content was low.  The flavor was like a minestrone soup, very tasty! 

So let's make soup. 

I added some shredded roasted chicken I had left over.  It gave it some more ummmph.
I would also suggest adding some vegetables.  Maybe some green beans, or corn, or even some beans.  I didn't but I wish I had to give it a little more substance.

So follow the directions to mix up the soup. Bring it to a boil.  Turn down the heat and add your tortellini and chicken (if you like!).

Simmer about 15 min.

I must say I looks really tasty!

I actually had two small bowls full myself!

At $3.99 a package this is definitely a good buy for a weeknight dinner you need to have ready in a pinch! 
Here's a link for you!  Market Classics Cheese Tortellini Soup Mix


  1. Looks goooooooood!!! I could go for some soup today, it has been raining here for over a week!!!!!!

  2. Girl - I know what you mean. Some days, it is just about getting food on the table and not spending an hour in the kitchen, exhausted, trying to prepare it. So I really love it when folks give me a good product review. This sounds nice - and I love the shredded chicken in it!



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