Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Walk in the Country...

I just got back from a much needed week long vacation visiting my mom, sister, and her family in Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville).

I travel there several times a year to visit and as usual my mom had her "Fabulous Pot Roast" ready and waiting for me when I got there.  She greets me with this dish every time...and it's a favorite of mine.  See, doesn't it look YUMMY?!

I'll give you a quick recipe on this tomorrow.

I have to say we cooked up a storm this time.  Made some old favorites, and some new ones too.  I'm excited to share these recipes with you over the next several days.  I think you'll like them.

I'm such a city girl...being from Southern CA anything that is less than 70 degrees, is cold.  It was COLD in Franklin!  I mean super didn't really get above 40 degrees all week...I'm frost bit!

And boy did I feel out of my element.  My mom and I were driving down this pretty country road, and all of a sudden..."EEK! what was that?"  Mom said, "It's hugh, and ugly".  I looked again and there were FOUR, count 'em FOUR VULTURES, as big as a springer spaniel, sitting next to the road, right next to my car!!!  "EEK!"

Such a city girl....

I didn't get a pic of the vultures, but I did get one of a red cardinal eating bird food in my sister's backyard!  Sorry, I couldn't get the head in the shot!  We don't have pretty birds like this in LA so this was really cool.

And then the snow...what is that white stuff?  It's pretty...kinda's COLD...and all over my car right before I had to leave for the airport!  Man, I had to do a quick tutorial on how to drive in snow!!! hehe!  such a city girl....!

t was a great week but I'm glad to be home, in sunny, warm LA. 

I'm jet-lagged...

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