Monday, February 7, 2011

Mom’s Famous Pot Roast

Here's a short recipe for Mom's pot roast.   She made this meal all my life and it is still a family favorite!  Such comfort food.  You know how every family has that dish that says "home", well this is that dish! 

I have very happy memories of making and eating this dish.  You can certainly change up the vegetables as you like, anything goes as this is a basic recipe.  Hope you enjoy it as much as my family always has!

Mom’s Famous Pot Roast

3 lb Chuck Roast
2 T. Canola Oil
1/3 c. Flour
Salt and pepper
3 T. Kitchen Bouquet
1 Medium Onion, cut in to large chunks
4 Carrots, sliced in half and cut in to thirds
5-6 Russet potatoes, peeled and cut in to halves or quarters

Salt and pepper roast.  Dredge in flour.  In a hot large skillet heat oil.  Place seasoned and floured roast in skillet and cook each side 2-3 minutes, until brown.  Turn it on its sides to brown that as well.
Place browned roast in a dutch oven or roasting pan.  Add water to the pan so that it comes up to about half the height of the roast.  Add onion along the side of the roast.
Cover and cook in a 350 degree preheated oven for about 1 ½ hours.
Meanwhile, peel carrots and potatoes.  Cut in pieces.  Add to around the roast getting the vegetables down in the broth.  Continue to cook about 1 hour, or until meet is very tender. 
Serve with pan gravy.  You can also add flour or make a slurry, which is cornstarch stirred into a small amount of cold water, then whisked into the simmering sauce, to thicken the gravy if desired.

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