Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Tablescapes and Helping Tips Cheat Sheets


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I wanted to bring you some Thanksgiving inspiration for your table this year. Along with a couple of Cheat Sheets that I created.

First up is the tablescape.  I'm all about a well dressed table.  I just love decorating and changing up the table to create a theme or just enhance a mood.  MGG can attest to that as I have a spare closet full of various, dishes, tablecloths, napkins, and serving pieces!  It's a problem.  Along with cookbooks.  But that's a story for another day!

Each year I change the mood of my Thanksgiving table.  Last year I went with a frosty winter theme filled with the colors of silver, greys, and mercury glass with touches of orange pumpkins. 

The focal point was a beautiful mercury glass apothecary jar I used as a vase to hold off white hydrangeas, surrounded by silver candlesticks which held white tapers.  Orange pumpkins that hold side dishes are displayed.  I also found a wonderful glass pumpkin that I picked up which added more sparkle.  Add in some smoky grey wine glasses and the table is ready for the food.

The place settings started with silver chargers, followed by white dinner plates, and then a favorite salad plate that have deep oranges and rusts with a pumpkin motif.  Add in some southern styled silverware and a fluffy white napkin and you are set for a simple yet elegant dinner.

This year I changed the mood by going will deep fall colors such as copper, rust, deep oranges, creams, and silver/mercury glass. I also added a pop of green to bring in the outdoor feeling inside.  The textures are different as well, with silk, glass, wood, and ceramics.

I used the same mercury glass apothecary jar as a vase.  This time I found some muted green hydrangeas which gave the table a pop of color.  Surrounded by silver candlesticks with cream tapers and cream mini pumpkins.  The runner is copper silk with a nice sequin accent. 

For the place setting I used wood chargers to give the table an earthy feel.  Cream dinner plates topped with a salad plate that displays fall leaves in deep reds and rusts.  Top that with a lidded cream colored pumpkin bowl.  Gold crinkle glasses frame each plate along with clear wine glass goblets to give a more substantial feeling.

Dinner is served!

I hope you enjoyed the tablescapes and found some inspiration for your own table.  Now I've would like to share with you 2 cheat sheets that I created for Thanksgiving, and beyond.



Have a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving!

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