Saturday, October 15, 2016

Screaming Pretzels


Boo! Halloween is almost here and I'm getting excited!

It's one of my FAVORITE holidays.  I have the BEST memories of dressing up for Halloween as a kid and as an adult.  I just love it.  I guess I'm secretly wishing to wear costumes and play dress up!

Since I'm into the costume side of it all I don't make too many goodies for Halloween.  However, this year I came across the most adorable treats on Pinterest. These Screaming Pretzels are too cute!  Just look at those eyes...they totally make these treats.   Plus...they are sooooo easy to make!  Not only will the kids love these but the adults will love them too.

Screaming Pretzels

I can completely attest to that, as I delivered these to my co-workers and they were all gone immediately, and....they asked me to make more!  This never happens.  My co-workers are healthy-picky.  The type that never touches a sweet.  But not today!  They ate these salty sweet dark chocolate dipped pretzels right up.  The flavors are just right.

The idea originally comes from the Oriental Trading website.  Only requires 3 ingredients and a little amount of time.  I used dark chocolate this time, but I'm thinking white chocolate next time for Screaming ghosts....or orange for screaming pumpkins.  Go ahead and make them your own.  In the end you'll have a cute inexpensive treat that all will love. 


Screaming Pretzels


Mini twist pretzels
Dark chocolate candy melts
Candy eyeballs


Melt the chocolate candy melts according to the directions on the package in a medium bowl.

Dip the pretzels into the candy melts, coating both sides. Shake off excess chocolate.  Place the pretzel on waxed or parchment paper making sure the bottom hole (where the mouth would be) of the pretzel is not filled with chocolate. Note:  It's okay, and even helps, if the top two holes are filled with chocolate as they hold the eyes better.

Place a eyes into the top two sections. Allow to set until firm.

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