Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cole's Blocks Co.

I recently came across a gold mine of a company!

I was surfing Instagram and saw a post by another blogger that had a customized cutting board with the name of her blog on it.  I immediately thought, "OMG! I LOVE THIS!  I want one NOW! Where do I get one?"

After a little researching on her blog I found a wonderful company that produces fantastic cutting boards, and does customized boards to boot!  Jackpot!  

Cole's Blocks Co. is family run company with 40 years and three generations invested in the wood industry and are located in Southern Michigan.   They use a high temperature roasting process to enhance the curly maple used in each of their cutting boards, cutting blocks, and serving boards. Their boards and serving platters are more durable, lighter-weight, and less likely to warp due to a higher resistance to moisture.

Naturally Stain and Chemical Free
Roasting darkens the wood naturally to an honey or espresso finish without the use of any harsh stains or chemicals.
The Advantage of Roasted Maple Cutting Boards over Plastic Ones
    Maple cutting boards won't scar as easily as plastic since maple is a hardwood.
      You won't have to replace your wooden cutting board regularly if cared for properly
        Your knives will last longer because hardwood boards won't dull your blades as quickly as plastic will. 
          Your won't want to hide your cutting boards because wooden boards, even well used ones, add warmth and beauty to your kitchen.
            So I ordered my personalized cutting board.  Isn't it a beauty?  I just love, love, love this board.  Along with it I got an array of other wood items as well such as initialed coasters, and several serving platters.  I love the one in the shape of my home state "California". 

            I've used several of my boards and one of the serving platter boards already (below is an example). They are beyond my expectations.  The boards keep well, they are easy to cut on, and clean up is a breeze.  The serving platters are beautiful, functional, and decorative at the same time.  I can't wait to throw a huge wine and cheese tasting party using my boards, just to show them off!  Wine anyone?

            I also have to brag about their customer service.  I dealt with Betsy from the beginning and I have to say that she is exceptional.  From the start she took my order and worked with me by making fantastic suggestions until I had the board of my dreams!  This is how you want your service to be everywhere and Betsy and her family are top notch proprietors.

            You can't go wrong with one (or several) of Cole's Block's Co boards.  I'm already thinking ahead to Christmas gifts.  They would also be a wonderful wedding present.  You can purchase your own here, which I highly recommend that you do.  You're gonna love them!

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