Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Memorial Day! A Cooking Class at Vom Foss

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It's Memorial Weekend and I hope that everyone is have a fun filled holiday!

We'll be spending time with friends, planning a big cookout with lots of food and fun around the pool! It's so nice to have an extra day or two off from work to relax and enjoy the start of summer.

I wanted to tell you about something special that I did last weekend.

On the spur of the moment I decided to attend a "No-Cook Sauces" class down in San Diego, taught by one of my favorite chefs, Phillis Carey.  The class was held at Vom Fass.  If you don't know about Vom Fass, please read on. They are a specialty store with roots in Germany that specialize in fruit vinegars, exquisite oils, selected wines, outstanding liqueurs and unique spirits. All from the very best producers from all over Europe. "Vom Fass' or "from the cask" carries the most unique items I've seen in a long time. I was like a kid in a candy store! Beautiful casks line the walls that hold specialty oils and vinegars that are there for your tasting. They offer you a selection of varied size bottles to chose from for your purchase and they are filled directly from the casks. This store is a dream!

Today Phillis was there to share with us some Cool No-Cook Sauces using the oils and vinegars from Vom Fass. So MGG and I drove down to the class and decided to make a quick overnight getaway for ourselves! Why not turn this in to a relaxing weekend. Since the class was only 1 hour, he dropped me off and he went exploring in Hillcrest and I went to class. 

First up, a Raspberry Balsamic Champagne Spritzer that was to die for! Then came the sauces which were an Argentine Chimichurri Sauce served over thinly sliced beef on a toasted crostini, and an Italian Salsa Verde severed over cooked shrimp. She also made a Papaya/Mango Poppy Seed Ginger Sauce served as dressing on a mango salad (HEAVEN!) and a Red Currant Raspberry Sauce served over fresh fruit. (I'll be serving this fruit salad at my Memorial Day cookout, so stayed turned for that recipe!)

Needless to say, the class was perfect, the food heavenly, and I spent A LOT of money in that store! A big shout out to Phillis Carey. She is such a wonderful chef.  I've been following her for years. She used to teach at a local Gelson's Cooking School, and then at the Westlake Culinary Institute, but sadly both locations have closed their doors. She's based out of Carlsbad and teaches all over the San Diego area, so I'm so glad I got to go down and take another class of hers. If you are in the San Diego area, look her up at http://phillis- and take a class. You won't believe how much you will learn from her!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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