Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chocolate Peppermint Cocoa Drink and a Product Review: King Arthur Flour's Premium Hot Chocolate Mix

One of MGG's favorite pass times is going to get coffee.  I tell you it's not just an addiction, it's a "thing".

A thing like a social gathering kinda thing.  He loves his coffee and has to have it, but wants to go get coffee at a coffee house and then sits there, barely sipping his coffee. Unwinding and socializing I guess.  I tell you it really is a "thing".

So his favorite haunt is Starbucks.  Well..I must confess it's not my favorite. Only because I'm not a coffee drinker, and Starbuck's doesn't offer much for non-coffee drinkers.   So I usually end up with a Chai Latte, Hot Tea, or Hot Chocolate.

When it turns cold out I love a good hot chocolate.  I crave that chocolaty goodness which is so comforting to me, and if I can hop in my PJ's and have a cup of cocoa at home all the better!

Premium Hot...
(picture source: King Arthur Flour)

Which leads me to today's product review of King Arthur Flour's Premium Hot Chocolate Mix.  I splurged recently and order this.  The word "premium" got me.  It totally did.  So like I said I splurged on a 3lb bag of hot chocolate mix in anticipation of cocoa euphoria.  (3lbs! talk about an impulse buy).  Not to worry though, they sell this in a nice 12 oz. can as well.  

Let me tell you something.  This mix IS THE BOMB!  It is so creamy and has the best, I mean the BEST chocolate flavor. It's just incredible!  They use Guittard chocolate which in this case makes a decadent cup of hot chocolate.  I just about swooned when I had my first sip.

All you do is mix it with some hot milk and BAM!  The BEST hot chocolate to sip on.  No more Starbuck's for me.  I'm staying home and having my King Arthur Flour's Premium Hot Chocolate!

Then I got all fancy and created a Chocolate Peppermint Cocoa drink using the mix.  O M G !  Heaven!

Honestly, I've been bragging about this mix all over town. Strangers and co-workers alike think I'm off my rocker, but believe me...this stuff is good.  Try've got to.

Below is my recipe for the Chocolate Peppermint Cocoa.

Chocolate Peppermint Cocoa

serves 1

1 cup 2% milk (or whole if you choose)
3 Tablespoons Premium Hot Chocolate Mix (King Arthur Flour)
1 Tablespoon Peppermint Crunch (chopped peppermint)
Whipped Cream
Peppermint Crunch for sprinkling

Heat up the milk on the stove or 2 minutes in a mug in the microwave until the milk is nice and hot.  Add the chocolate mix and whisk to combine. Add the peppermint crunch pieces stirring until melted.  Top with shipped cream and more pepper crunch and serve.

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