Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flavors of Morocco

Tunisian Hand-Painted Mosaic Tagine
It's no secret I love Williams-Sonoma and attend many of their classes.

Last week we got to explore the flavors of Morocco.  A wonderful way to put spice in your life and to try some flavors unique to North Africa.  The class did not disappoint.  Just take a look at the tagine above.  Isn't it beautiful?  They are selling them in the store, so you can pick one up if you like (picture courtesy of!

We tried some of the classic flavors and spices used in Moroccan cuisine such as:

Harrisa - a spicy puree of tomato, olive oil, garlic, cayenne pepper, and spices.
Ras el Hanout - a unique spice blend with a rich aroma.  Similar to a curry blend.
Preserved Lemons - These were salty tart, and we found that the lemons are brined for at least a week.
Couscous - a semolina pasta used to accompany meat.
Mint - this herb is used in a variety of dishes from salads to tea.

One the menu was:

Chicken Tagine with Lemon & OlivesMoroccan-Style Meatballs
(Pictures courtesy of

They were all delicious but I think I liked the meatballs the best. Made with lamb, but could easily be made with ground beef and be just as good.  In fact, I think these would be perfect as snacks for Super Bowl Sunday this weekend!

We also sampled their Apricot Tagine Sauce, which is an excellent way to start trying Moroccan Cuisine.  

Go global and explore this country's bold flavors.  They are tasty, easy to prepare, and healthy.  Enjoy!

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