Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Wanna put some zest in your life?

This dish will do it!  I love chicken, don't you?  I mean, it's so versatile.  Yes, some people say it can be a somewhat bland, but think of it as a blank canvas that lends itself to exploration.  It takes on many, many, different flavors by using an array of spices for rubs, herbs for marinades, and sauces that lend a variety of flavors.   It can be translated in to a multitude of world cuisines.  I just love it's versatility!

Often I cook meals just for two people.  Just enough for MGG and myself...or for myself and leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.  This dish was inspired by my need for a quick meal after work, a craving for something spicy, yet I wanted comfort food.  So I created this semi-homemade dish of Cajun Chicken Pasta which satisfied all three demands!

I love the spiciness, which marries well with the Alfredo sauce.  This dish is a winner!!  It's sure to  appeal to many palates.

Please try my version of Cajun Chicken Pasta and let me know what you think.  For other great chicken dishes do a search on "chicken" in the search field in the sidebar.

Here are some pics to help you along with the process.

Kitchen Tip:  You may notice that in one picture I'm actually grilling two chicken breasts.  Doing double duty by grilling another non-spiced breast to use in a salad later in the week, which I'll post next.  This is a great time saver when you can plan meals in advance and get part of the cooking done at one time.  Don't you love that!


Cajun Chicken Pasta

serves 2 (Double the recipe to serve 4)

1/3 lb. pene pasta
1 boneless skinless chicken breast
1 1/2 tsp Cajun seasoning
1 10oz container of Alfredo sauce
2 tsp. fresh parsley minced

Cook pasta according to directions on the package.   Heat an indoor grill pan, or an outdoor grill to medium heat.  Rub Cajun seasoning on both sides of the chicken breasts.  Grill 6-8 minutes per side depending on thickness, until thoroughly cooked through.  Cut into bite sized pieces.  

Drain pasta and return to the pan.  Add Alfredo sauce and chicken breast, stirring to blend.  Heat on low for 5 minutes until everything is heated through.  Remove from heat.  Add minced parsley, stir, and serve.

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