Sunday, December 11, 2011

Apple Cider Iced Tea

Do you love Iced Tea?

I sure do.  It's got to be my favorite drink.  A staple in my house.

Mainly I'm a purist with my iced tea.  Just plain black tea, that's the best.  Since it's cold outside most people steer away from the iced drinks.  Not me!  I still have my ice tea!  

So let's change it up a little, get a little crazy.  Let's trying adding some fall/winter flavors to the tea.
Let's try Apple Cider Iced Tea.

Super simple to make.  A modification on the original recipe.  If you want to know how to brew the perfect iced tea, following my directions located here (make sure to omit the orange).

To make this variation just add your favorite apple cider.  You can use homemade, or store bought.  I used my favorite cider from Trader Joe's, it has a wonder blend of apple flavor and spices.

The result?  A crisp, refreshing, fruity tasting drink, with warming notes from the black tea and the spices.

Apple Cider Iced Tea

1/2 Gallon of iced tea
1 cup apple cider, at room temperature or cold.

To brewed iced tea add the apple cider, stirring to combine.  Serve over ice.

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