Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fast & Fresh: Grilled Pita Pizza

It's hot out, I'm hungry...and I don't want to deal with the heat in the kitchen!

To solve this dilemma I'm keeping it light, using fresh ingredients, and keeping the heat to a minimum...the kitchen heat that is!

So I bring to you a summer series of recipes that I call,

"Fast & Fresh"
              • Simple ingredients
              • Fresh and healthy
              • Easy prep
              • Delishhhh taste!

First up, is my Grilled Pita Pizza.  These are a low carb individual pizzas that you whip using pita bread.  This makes for a light and crispy crust, which reduces the amount of total carbs. 

It's summer, go light and enjoy the different variations of crusts that you can utilize.

By using the outdoor grill you reduce that hideous kitchen heat! Yeah! 

Using ingredients such as freshly grated mozzarella cheese and fresh basil helps give this pizza a flavor that's tasty and light.  

These individual pizzas are great for lunch, or as your main dish at your next BBQ.

Let's make grilled pita pizza!

Heat your gill to medium high heat.

Place your pita breads flat on the grill rack and toast each side for about 2 min or until it is toasty brown .  Remove from grill.

Now, the fun part!  You can have each person create their own pizza using various toppings.  We were craving pepperoni pizza so that what we used.

Top your pita breads with pizza sauce.  You can use fresh tomatoes, pureed into a sauce with Italian herbs added. YUM!  or you use your favorite store bought sauce...whatever works! The key is to get a great sauce with a flavor you love.

Add fresh shredded mozzarella cheese.  Top with turkey pepperoni (tastes really good and keeps the fat content down!)

Place the pizzas back on the grill.  Grill with the cover down about 5 min until cheese is melted and the meat is heated through.

Add fresh basil on top! Smell that fragrance??

And voila!  Your pizzas (masterpieces) are done.

Sorry but MGG and I have to try this NOW!

Grilled Pita Pizza

serves 2


2 pita breads
1/2 cup pizza sauce (homemade or store bought)
3/4 cup shredded fresh mozzarella
turkey pepperoni
basil leaves

Heat your gill to medium high heat.

Place your pita breads flat on the grill rack and toast each side for about 2 min or until it is toasty brown . Remove from grill.

Top your pita breads with pizza sauce. Add fresh shredded mozzarella cheese. Top with turkey pepperoni.

Return to grill and cook with the lid down about 5 min, until cheese is melted and meat is heated through.  Add fresh basil and serve.

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  1. Oh this pizza looks heavenly! I saw your blog name a slice of southern and I just knew I had to stop by. I am southern through and through and love to cook as well. I can't wait to try this pizza! have a good one.

  2. Love pita pizzas. They are just to easy and versatile. Come over and visit us. We have a wonderful Southern treat today.

  3. I've never made pita pizzas but they look so delicious! I bet making them on the grill really gives them a lot of flavor.

    If you’d like, I wanted to invite you to share your best recipes over at my new party, Recipe Sharing Monday at Jam Hands. I’m going to be featuring my favorite submissions during the week and I’d love it if you’d join in the fun. :O)



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